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it’s just semantics

Via Bill de hÓra came a link to  Google Maps, the fool’s gold of mashups by Phil Wainewright : what makes mapping mashups so easy, and so untypical of the kind of mashup challenges people face in the real world: … Continue reading

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the fallacy of using commercial identifiers in applications aimed at the general public

On the barcodepedia forum there’s a discussion about using EANs in a database of ’ethical information’ of products. This is just one of number of efforts I’ve seen where people have tried to use a commercially  developed identifier as the index into a system to be … Continue reading

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random links 2006-07-20

Dog or higher proposes a corollary to Godwin’s law: When Dvorak enters the debate, the other side has won. The 10000 Lines Of Code Project - We believe that most software exceeding this maximum is bloated and seriously wrong The Register: … Continue reading

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rendering html from sql server

I can’t think of a single legitimate reason for ever doing this, but here’s my latest post on rendering html from within a repl, this time from the SQL Server management studio (formerly known as Query Analyzer) . Previous posts show how to … Continue reading

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stevey’s right, marketing matters

A few months ago, I read Stevey’s drunken blog rant on the different marketing styles of python and ruby I was reminded of that tonight when I went looking for a rich text REPL environment. I’m sure such a beast is out there. Something … Continue reading

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rendering html from monad

I’ve just started dabbling with monad (aka "Windows Powershell"), so I tried porting my code for ‘rendering HTML from irb‘ to it. It turns out to be a pretty good task for getting to know a new REPL environment. Just for … Continue reading

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random links 2006-07-09

Ted Neward – More on Monad vs Ruby and The Vietnam Of Computer Science Barcodepedia – the online barcode database  

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payment systems blogroll

Blogs that are mostly about payment systems technology:  Andy Orrock | Payment Systems (topnotch stuff! – jonno) (by the primary developer of jPOS – the open source Java ISO8583 framework) Financial Cryptography Where the crypto rubber meets the Road of Finance… … Continue reading

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cascading filetypes – proof of concept

Following on from my proposal for a cascading filetypes demultiplexer, I’ve hacked up a quick and dirty ‘proof of concept’ implementation. The zip file is here, which also includes a readme and the C# source code.

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cascading filetype demultiplexing on windows

Yesterday, Leon (aka secretGeek) came up with the cool idea of ‘cascading filetypes‘. (go read that now or the rest of this will make no sense at all) Update 2006-07-8 : proof of concept implementation Leon’s original proposal was to have the final extension … Continue reading

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