discovering phil factor

Nick came over on thursday so we could play around with gnokii, which turned into a small debacle (a debaclet?) when we turned out to be one cable short of a comms link, and then the oven died with a half roasted leg of lamb still in it.

On the upside, I did find out about Phil Factor, that plus the wine and the 2 six packs of peroni we got through meant the evening was net positive I think.

Here’s some excerpts….

From Attack of the barber-surgeons of IT: A tale of cursed cursors & embedded SQL 

The development foot soldiers in the IT army are required to have two arrows in their quiver: fluency with the procedural language currently in fashion and a measure of skill in database programming.

Few people are proficient in both. It reminds me of the medieval barbers who cheerfully cut off limbs and performed other surgery as a sideline. If they could cut hair, they reasoned, why not cut the body as well?

From The Writing on the wall: lies, damned lies and documented working procedures

The management consultants accepted everything at face value. They did not seem to even consider that old Joe in dispatch, whose job was a sinecure that an energetic man could complete in half an hour, might have lied to them when he described the elaborate and skilled nature of his contribution to the company. It was all noted, analysed, diagrammed and documented. The final report was delivered in forty volumes and placed in a large filing cabinet, along with a final bill to the company of several million pounds.

Also check out The Index: An Elegy for an excerpt from Phil’s upcoming book on SQL Server, rendered in Tennyson style epic verse.

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