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dskexplorer.rb is a browser based DSK archive exploring tool. It can explore both local disk and remote web archives. It is part of the dsktool.rb package. You will need to have ruby installed. To install dskexplorer.rb, you just need to … Continue reading

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using dsktool.rb on ubuntu

first install the dsktool gem with sudo gem install dsktool now try to run dsktool.rb with dsktool.rb -v If you get an error message like "-bash: dsktool.rb: command not found" then you will need to put the gem bin directory into … Continue reading

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dsktool.rb dsktool.rb is a command line tool + libraries (all in ruby) for manipulating DSK format images used by Apple 2 emulators. Currently only DOS 3.3 format is supported. Usage—–dsktool.rb [switches] -c | –catalog               display catalog-l | –list FILENAME         monitor style listing … Continue reading

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Apple //e Soft Switch, Status, and other I/O locations

MEMORY MANAGEMENT SOFT SWITCHES $C000 W 80STOREOFF Allow page2 to switch video page1 page2 $C001 W 80STOREON Allow page2 to switch main & aux video memory $C002 W RAMRDOFF Read enable main memory from $0200-$BFFF $C003 W RAMDRON Read enable … Continue reading

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