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So I’m organising a retroputing talkfest – TiNKeRCoN. We’ve done the hard part – picked a date. All that’s left now is to organise a venue, speakers, accommodation, yadda yadda yadda. What could possibly go wrong?

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geos font support for peekbot

I’ve added a feature to peekbot (and the ripxplore library that peekbot uses) to export font files to BDF format. You can use FontForge to convert a BDF file to whatever font format your OS of choice uses. To see … Continue reading

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peeking at geoPaint

In a canonical yak shaving incident, I ended up adding geos support to peekbot so I could look at the source for geoLink and have now extended that support to allow previewing of font files and viewing of geoPaint files … Continue reading

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