about jamtronix

Jamtronix is Jonno’s infrequently updated website with snippets on retro computing, ruby, and anything else Jonno finds interesting for a while.

About Jonno Downes

  • Born in 1971
  • Lives in Leura (at the top of the mountains, west of Sydney)

Employment History

  • 2006-current : various tech exec roles at a very large retailer indeed.
  • 2001-2006 : coder then development manager at a startup building Australia’s first EFTPOS gift card platform
  • 1995-2001 : Freelance/contract coder & sys admin

tech skills (current)

  • 6502 assembler
  • debugging TCP/IP issues
  • writing small scripts in ruby to automate otherwise tedious data extraction & analysis
  • getting people to stop arguing who’s fault it is and start fixing the problem

tech skills (getting a bit rusty now)

  • writing multithreaded EFTPOS (AS2805) servers in C#
  • making big SQL databases run fast
  • getting features working for whatever crazy launch date the clients want
  • coaxing developers to do things that don’t come naturally (write docs, read specs, write tests, use source control, build what’s needed the most – not what seems like the most fun to code)

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