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Applesoft Disassembly

I went looking for a disassembly of Applesoft. The best one I found was the S-C DocuMentor Applesoft listing which has meaningful labels and comments, but was a little cumbersome to peruse as it was spread over multiple files and lacked … Continue reading

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ip65 project page recovered

The ip65 project page ( seems to have dropped off the interwebs. It is back now.

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More classic computer footage from the MIT Vault

I’ve been poking around some more in the film archive at MIT that I found “Making Electrons Count” and a few other items caught my attention. First is a news report from 1951 showing the WHIRLWIND computer being used to … Continue reading

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Ancient I/O & Making Electrons Count

The RPC-4000 (like many computers of the same vintage) used a device called a Friden Flexowriter for input and output. This device was a combination typewriter, printer and paper tape reader & writer. Input to the RPC-4000 could be done … Continue reading

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On the trail of a Real Programmer

Coders of a certain vintage will be familiar with the story of Mel, the Real Programmer in which Ed Nather (writing in 1983) relates his experience from 20 years previously in attempting to patch a BlackJack program written by his … Continue reading

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copy of Acorn MOS annotated disassembly

These were zipped at The BBC Lives! The BBC Micro Operating System ( a series that first published on Micronet between April and October 1991 ) Acorn MOS 1.2 Disassembly part 1 (VDU fonts & contstants : $C000 – $C4BF) … Continue reading

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peekbot update

I added some new decoders to peekbot DFS filesystem as used by 8-bit Acorn machines, e.g the “BBC Model B” my school used (sample) BBC BASIC (sample) “Micro Painter” picture format for 8-bit Atari (sample) Also, the symbols table used … Continue reading

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geos font support for peekbot

I’ve added a feature to peekbot (and the ripxplore library that peekbot uses) to export font files to BDF format. You can use FontForge to convert a BDF file to whatever font format your OS of choice uses. To see … Continue reading

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XMODEM in ruby

I’m working on adding support for XMODEM file transfers to KipperTerm, and I needed something to act as the “other end” of the XMODEM transmission. Obviously I could have used a real BBS, but that would have a pain to … Continue reading

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introducing peekbot

peekbot is an attempt to make vintage computing artifacts visible to the modern intarweb.It is a web proxy that allows navigation through online collections of disk images. For disk images in formats which peekbot understands, the file system contained on … Continue reading

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