homebrew wiznet w5100 cartridge

I made my first NIC

homebrew wiznet 5100 cartridge

This is from Six’s design, with assistance from Jim Brain. A shopping list and further discussion is on this retrohacker’s thread.

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looking for stuck bits in ROM dumps

I have been playing around with disassembling some code that was apparently the bootstrap PROM for the SacState 8008 machine. The code was given to me as 8 BIN files, 256 bytes each, one for each PROM dump. One section of the code looked very odd, and I began to suspect a faulty read. One common error when reading old chips is a single pin can be shorted, or broken, such that every bit from that chip is read as the same value. So I put this script together to see if any of the files, every byte had the same value in 1 bit.

My hunch was correct – in one of the files, bit 5 was always 1, and that file coincided exactly with the very odd looking code. So to continue disassembling that file, I needed to select the value for bit 5 that made the most sense based on context.

def abort(s)
	puts s

abort "no filename specified" unless ARGV.length>0
ARGV.each do |filename|
	abort "#{filename} not found" unless File.exists?(filename)

	puts "#{filename}: #{s.length} bytes"
	8.times do |bit|
		bitmask= (1 << bit)
		s.each_byte do |byte|
			set_found=true if (byte & bitmask >0)
			clear_found=true if (byte & bitmask ==0)
		puts "bit #{bit} always 0 in file #{filename}" unless set_found
		puts "bit #{bit} always 1 in file #{filename}" unless clear_found


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  • Do you want to harness your C64s awesome 1 MHz compute power to build state-of-the-art web applications?
  • Are you bored of OOP frameworks with structured exception handling and pine for a 40×25 IDE with good old fashioned GOTOs?
  • Do you wish you could claim 30 yrs experience with a web development language at the next coding job you apply for?

Then you need…. BASIC ON BAILS!

20 HTTPD 80, 100
100 !"<h1>LOOK MA! WEB STUFF!</h1>"

Act now, we’ll chuck in for no extra charge Kipper BASIC : command line PING, TFTP, NETCAT, and other TCP socket goodness

Check it out…

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c64 coding links

I’m sick of losing these, so I’ll paste them here for safe keeping:

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BASICpoint : the trailing edge in presentation software

1 – take a document marked up with Textile
2 – paste that document into the web form at http://basicpoint.jamtronix.com
3 – save the resulting prg file, and load it in your choice of emulator or a real c64
4 – ???
5 – profit!

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ideservd for OSX

I recently acquired an IDE64. This is a cartridge for the C64 that lets you connect any sort of storage device with an IDE interface (typically a Compact Flash drive, but can also be an IDE hard drive or a CD-ROM). It also allows files to be transferred to/from a PC via USB.

Unfortunately the software that needs to run on the PC side (ideservd) only seems to be compiled for Windows, although the source code is available from the IDEDOS homepage. The source needed a bit of tweaking to compile on my macbook (OSX 10.6.4), specifically

  • deleting #include from ideserv.c
  • adding “-I /opt/local/include/” and ” -L/opt/local/lib/” to the gcc flags in the Makefile

Once it compiles, there’s some tricks to getting it to run.

First, it needs to be run under sudo, otherwise you will get a message saying “Failed changing root dir”.

Second, you need to disable the FTDIUSBSerialDriver that OSX has loaded automatically, otherwise you will get an error saying “unable to claim usb device. Make sure ftdi_sio is unloaded!”

Here’s a zip file containing the compiled binary and a wrapper script to load/unload FTDIUSBSerialDriver before/after running ideservd. – ideservd-0.24-osx.zip

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RetroShamBo pt1

RoShamBo is another name for ‘paper scissors rock’.

RetroShamBo will be a retro network coding tournament. The date is still TBA, probably linked in with the next Retro-Challenge.

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So I’m organising a retroputing talkfest – TiNKeRCoN. We’ve done the hard part – picked a date. All that’s left now is to organise a venue, speakers, accommodation, yadda yadda yadda. What could possibly go wrong?

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geos font support for peekbot

I’ve added a feature to peekbot (and the ripxplore library that peekbot uses) to export font files to BDF format. You can use FontForge to convert a BDF file to whatever font format your OS of choice uses.

To see it in action, check out same of the fonts on this GEOS font sample disk from ShadowM’s Commodore GEOS archive

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peeking at geoPaint

In a canonical yak shaving incident, I ended up adding geos support to peekbot so I could look at the source for geoLink and have now extended that support to allow previewing of font files and viewing of geoPaint files – for example, here’s a klingon ship.

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